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Still At It

2016 February 08

It has been a while since I wrote anything on here. I am just coming out of a time of overwhelming work load. Back to a normal flow. During this window of time I have learned a few lessons. And affirmed that some of my philosphies are still relevant. No matter what the customer wants never go below your low bar in the quality of your work. It is better to do your best work on a lesser car than to do your lowest work on a more expensive car. I must start to turn away some of the work that requires me to compromise scale and adds duress in my work place. I will at every working arrangement be sure to consider that it has to be equally bennificial for the client and myself. Acknowledge and articulate my limitations when it comes to work that is less than I am comfortable performing. I develop an emotional connection to my work piece. I view my facility as more an artisans studio than just a production facility. Once my work piece starts to feel like a commodity and my self worth is dictated by money. I know I should go do something else for a living. My constant challange to myself is to do better to the next one than I am on the current work piece. I am always flattered when someone trusts and commisions me to perform a task. I will continue to have my focus on the rusult of an acceptably finished product over a low cost or too tight a time frame. Every piece of equipment, every proceedure I adopt, every material I choose to use has one purpose. To make my work piece the best I can do. It is my hope that I will continue to grow a client base that wants this from me. Till next time...