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2014 January 10

It's 2014. No hover cars. No HAL 9000. No Snake Plimkin. But there are quite a few cars and bikes that still need saving. I took a coarse one on saving people overwhelmed by gas. The key was to protect and fortify yourself before beginning any form of rescue. For 25 years as a man supplying his hands and tools. As a service provider supplying a facility and equipment for the last eight years. I have always looked at my applied hours like I was the guy paying for them. I looked at the personnel I commissioned to do work as my responsibility make sure they received adequate compensation for the work they performed. I am better at applying my skills with the cars than being a businessman. So this year I becoming the businessman. This last eight years has been a very expensive coarse. My main drive this year is still about saving these cars. But all emotion aside for the specific project or subcontractor. I will have more definition in the "black and white" of all dealings. My commitment will remain to provide the best I can possibly do for the fairest compensation for it. I write this not make anyone uncomfortable. But just to give an explanation as to why any projects we accept in 2014 will be at a slightly higher door rate but still notably less than almost all providing similar service. I hope 2014 finds us all better than 2013. I wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year.