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John Deere Motorcycle

1975 Limo

1936 Packard

Chrysler 300 Flood car

Under water half way up the windshield. Painful refurbishing of all components not available to buy. Happy it was not abandoned and is still with us sharing the road.

Funky Fendered Ridgid Harley Part # 2

The shiny

Funky Fendered Ridgid Harley Part # 1

Too much fun working on this. Especially the rear fender

1926 T

Neat car. Cool client

1966 BSA

Fun diversion

Some short term visitors

Some short term visitors over the last couple years

Harley John Deere

A fun diversion

Triumph Rocket

Remove body work. Refinish and reassemble

1926 Model T

Metal and refinish. Customer assembly